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What's a Lishi Tool?

How can you open a car if you've lost or misplaced your key? There are several ways; A. Use an airbag to pry the door open and follow up with a long reach tool to open door handle or unlock. This is typical of how tow truck drivers get your car open. Pros: fast and easy Cons: potential for scratching vehicle trim, perhaps distorting your door and you may get road noise when driving down the highway. B. Second use a Lishi Tool. This are for trained locksmiths to not only pick the lock but decode it to make a key that will fit your door. C. Obtain the key code and use computerized cutting machine to mill a new key that will fit all locks on your car. The key code can be obtained by you calling your dealer and giving them the VIN code; or by me buying it (and having to charge you) from NASTF. These are the highlights of how to enter a locked vehicle without a key.

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