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So I was at my Toyota dealer the other day .......

.....for some routine maintenance on my 2021 Toyota Tacoma, it was going to be a little bit of a wait. So I wandered over to the parts department and got in writing what it would cost to replace my key (it's a proximity key, push to start, key stays in my pocket). My dealer was almost 40 miles away from where I live. Well to get my truck there was $6 per mile, so roughly $240, plus a $75 hook up fee, so $315. The proximity key (not in stock/supply chain blame) was a simple one with only lock, unlock, panic and an emergency metal key for door only, $350. Will need to pay $80 for programming and $70 more for laser cut emergency door key blade. Multiple days with a total cost of $815. And mine is a simple one. But still, on back order.

I will make the emergency door key and install it in a Universal Proximity Key with the same features as your factory original key for $350. If you can wait, we can order a factory original key and the price would be $450 (subject to change and availability).

From start to finish I can make the key, come to you, program your car and you can be on your way in approximately an hour assuming you live close to West Sedona.

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